roll-out-of-bed-good-morning light tests.


 study of natural light with hand-crafted filters.


Study for Self Portrait 1.

This photo is me looking at my reflection in the mirror, my features (as i refer to as extenal beauty) are nudging off of me; while my soul attempts to break free. It represents the struggle of getting in our own way, being trapped by the self we appear to be, and fighting to show the self that no one sees.  A desire to break free from our mundane mold.


it's aliveeeee. photo diary day 1.

my camera finally came in the mail, i ventured out into livermore as a one woman photographer/mua/stylist/model team and shot the first idea that popped into my head.  I have close to no idea what exactly i'm doing. figuring out my camera while unable to focus on my subject got a little bit tricky. The modeling and styling bits seemed to come natural to me, but understanding bright sunlight and wanting it to translate into something dark and moody is another obstacle. Still battling my brain against the sensor.. one day it will understand me.


an evening with an old friend

polaroid by Daren Race
shot spontaneously after a coffee date.